Corona virus – Preparing for distance teaching and learning

Teaching tools for lecturers and students in isolation

Which technology should be used?


the recommended option for a live lesson from a classroom or lecture hall in which filming and recording equipment have been installed. At the same time as the live broadcast, the lecture is recorded and will be uploaded to the course’s site on Moodle automatically. Recording the lecture and the live broadcast will be done automatically and does not require any preparation by the instructor.

Panopto is also the recommended option for a live broadcast from the computer of a lecturer who is in isolation for a course with many students.  In addition, the technology allows for recording of the lesson in advance and uploading the video to for later viewingPanopto - Short User Guide.


Video Conference technology, and recommended for use when both the instructor and the students are logged in to a computer and when students discussion is an essential part of the lesson. For a class with few students the lecturer can conduct the discussion by themselves. In a lecture course with many students, a discussion moderator will provide assistance. The moderator will collect students’ questions and stream them in order of priority to the lecturer during the time assigned for questions and discussion during the lecture. Zoom - Short User Guide.


Watch Boaz Mermelstein's tutorials on Zoom, Panopto and best practices for teaching online Lessons



For support please contact the computer coordinators and/or the IT Support



Tips for effective management of online lesson

  1. Contacting students: Contact students as soon as possible and inform them that changes are occurring in the course. Inform what your availability on e-mail is and what learning system you intend to use to communicate with them during the online lessons.

  2. Set realistic goals for teaching online: Do you think you maintain the keep the original plan and the original schedule for the course? Is it reasonable to believe that the students will read the materials and perform the tasks? How can you get them to be involved in the content of the course?

  3. Change whatever needs to be changed:  Find elements in the course syllabus that you have no choice but to change. This includes course policies, deadlines, assignments, etc. Inform your students of all of these changes.

  4. Using new tools: Select tools, teaching approaches and work processes with which you and your students are familiar. Introduce new tools only when really necessary.

  5. Before class: Login to the system plenty of time before class to make sure that everything works (login, video, audio).

Using existing recordings

Instructors who recorded lessons in the past can also use these existing recordings. Please contact the computer/multimedia coordinator of the relevant faculty.

How do students log-in remotely to a class that is being conduct

In every hall in which recording systems have been installed, the class will be recorded automatically. Students who are at home will be able to connect to the live transmission.

Using the Moodle course site for distance learning

Additional Guides for Lecturers